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Private investigation​

Corporate cases (conduct corporate due
diligence), Fraud Investigation, Asset location such as vehicles & properties, surveillance, missing person, Reserching to fact checking, undercover investigations, computer fraud, Reserching into counterfeit products, Tenant background checking, foreign Mission assistance on death, insurances background check etc.


Background Checks

 employment of all kinds – House maid, police recruitment, security recruitment etc (social media profile, phone numbers, marriage & divorce records, business social connections, neighbour, blogs, educational records, employment History and criminal record).


Education and Cyber

education on cyber security to Employees and managers


Debt Collection

Trace Debtors


Recruiting and Training of workers

Recruiting and Training of workers (Human Resources) (find and identify
people and businesses)

Atego 816 - Tuffnells-min

Delivery of items within and Abroad

Delivery of items within and Abroad (Any Gig from anywhere)

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Business negotiation

prison-162885_1280-2 (1)

Human Trafficking and Human rights Abuses


Helping insurances claims